Spend any time in the nonprofit arena and you’ll likely hear the battle cry of “… finding or wanting new donors.”

When donations stagnate “new” is the default solution, but there are a few pitfalls nonprofits face with existing donors:

  • Incomplete or out-of-date databases
  • Only contacting donors when you want money
  • Sketchy donor histories
  • Only focusing on “major donors”

It’s always great to bring more people into your cause, but has your organization done everything it can to excite existing donors to move them to give more?

Here are some easy ways to use social media for nonprofits to get the attention of your existing donors:

  1. Tell your story. Why does your organization exist? It’s usually a very compelling reason especially when told through the eyes of those receiving the services OR the donors giving to the cause. Remember your story is not about your organization, it’s about the people who benefit from your cause and the people who make the benefits possible – your donor.
  2. Use emotional hooks. It’s what connects us all. Find the unexpected emotional hook of your cause and speak this language to your donors. Donors give because they care. Find out why they care and keep pushing that button.
  3. Love on your donors. Share posts when donors give. Use their names. Share a picture. Give some history on their support. Don’t know your donor’s story? Call them. Ask them. Tell them your plans to feature their commitment. Everyone likes to be hero. Give your donors a cape or super power and tell the rest of us how these heroes save the world (your organization).
  4. Educate them. It’s fair to say that many of your donors don’t know all the ends of outs of your cause. Give them more than facts and figures. Share vignettes, anecdotes or quotes that add value they can use in their everyday lives.
  5. Repeat …..

And then after you tell your donors over and over and over again, why they matter to the success of your organization; ask them for what you need. They are more likely to give …and give more.

Money is an exchange for value. Value your donors and they will respond in return.

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