Just like no pair of jeans is one-size-fits-all (greatest lie ever told), no business and thus business proposal is either. Numbers listed are starting prices. I provide custom proposals to all my clients.

How many times a day do you hear the word “Facebook?”

How many times a day you check your Facebook account?

You only have to look as far as your own Facebook behavior to get the value of this platform. Why? Because there are people all over the world who experience the same behaviors as you– over one billion in fact.

And guess what, over one billion users have been present and accounted for in Facebook’s platform. Every demographic, geographic area, mainstream or niche market resides in those blue and white pixels. For marketers, it’s a treasure chest, a pot of gold, or my favorite … a paradise island — a virtual thumbs up with huge earnings potential.

Do you know how to use Facebook beyond a share or simple thumbs up?

That’s where I can help. From boosted posts to the power editor and everything hidden and in between, I’ll help you find the audience ready to buy what you have to offer.

You didn’t get into business for people to just for people to “like” you. I can show you the money even if you have tried and failed before.

Services include done-for-you Facebook ads management, Facebook ads set up and training and Facebook training videos.  

Start at $1,000.

Social media is the vehicle that moves traffic to your desired location. Nowhere is your message more important than on social media. Your social media profiles are the visual memoirs of your business. Your social media feed should aim to entertain, engage, educate and entice. Not sure what to post and when? Don’t know what platforms are best for your business? Unclear of how much time you will need to make a difference? I do.

I’ll have you #rockingsocial in no time.

Services include social media management, social media trainings, audits, strategy, content curation and analytics. 

Start at $600 a month

You see it don’t you?

Your competitors are making the most of digital marketing. 

Wonder how you can get in on the action?

Start with a consultation. I’ll take you from traditional to digital and give you a plan to sustain your business before the credits start to roll.

Digital marketing includes social media, advertising, SEO, email marketing (NO, it’s not your newsletter), networking and more. I’ll show you which of these tools will provide the greatest return. Every company is different. Remember the jeans? No worries. Together, we’ll find a pair that fits.

Start at $500/hour.

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