Hey nonprofit! It’s not about you.

It’s not about your mission, your board of directors, your check presentations or your special events. And it most certainly is not about your newsletter. It’s about me The one you are trying to reach.  Surely, you know me – the one who inspires the awareness events. Tell me a story. No, no not your story – mine.

I want to help your cause. I really do. Not for you silly, for me. It makes me feel good … and yes, it makes me feel important, in the know like a socially-conscious Samaritan, super hero, rock star. I have pride in giving back.

There are so many opportunities to amp up that rock star feeling.

Psst, can I tell you a secret? How do I choose which nonprofit I support with my hard-earned time and money? I give to the nonprofits that speak my language. Because … in order to get my time and, ultimately my money, you must first get my attention.

Hey nonprofit! It’s me “emotion” – the one you are trying to reach. Talk to me. Tell me a story.

Make me care about your cause.

Amplify Humanity

Make people care about your cause. 

I want to create good marketing.

No non-profit should be mediocre.

Average. Run of the mill. Forgettable.

But many are … despite championing gold-star worthy, blue-ribbon pinning, finisher-medal wearing causes.

Saving the world is admirable…grandiose even, but without emotion, your message is a distraction like everything else.

Does your non-profit’s digital presence exemplify the best of your organization?

What if you could take your nonprofit’s social status from mediocre to super?

  • So you don’t have to be embarrassed by your web presence.
  • So you don’t have to secretly (or not so secretly) envy nonprofits that do social well.
  • So your donors, volunteers and fellow do-gooders take notice.
  • So you have the respect of your peers and perhaps become the nonprofit of envy.
  • So people care about your organization … because it matters.

You … defender of honor; protector of civility; supporter of better days and better ways.

Your online presence is not just a series of meaningless likes, shares, reposts and tweets. It’s the memoirs of your mission.

So, you … hero of humanity, I’m Reesy.

I make people care about your cause.

Let’s create good marketing … together.


So, you … hero of humanity, I’m Reesy.


I make people care about your cause.


Let’s create good marketing … together.



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