… and that is you don’t need a funnel to run successful Facebook ads.

You can’t throw a stone on the internet without hitting the word “funnel.” For many people, when they think “funnel”, they think cake. — or is that just me?  I once heard the relationship between Facebook ads and sales funnel described as the ice cream and cone. Sure, they are good together, but ice cream is a treat you can throughly enjoy on its own. 

Why am I saying this? Beginners get overwhelmed with so many options on the internet. Marketing– there are levels to this.

Despite no one talking about it, you can run successful Facebook ads without a sales funnel as long as you have a sales process.

What does that mean? It means as long as you have a system to capture contact information (leads), a sales funnel is not required to run Facebook ads and/or be profitable.  

Process: Run Facebook ad —->>> Send traffic directly to point of sale. You capture email in the sale AND you can remarket to them through an email sequence.

I’m not saying sales funnels aren’t important, in fact, at certain price points, a sales funnel becomes necessary. In addition, sales funnels are a very important part of online marketing to capture leads, make up ad spend, upsell, downsell and make passive income.

Remember, there are levels to this. Work with what you can do right now. While you may want to eventually have a sales funnel, you don’t need it right away (and you can still profit).

But wait … 🙂

Need help with figuring this all out? Apply for a call. 

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